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Picnic Time Summer 2016 check out Events

Galway 3rd July,
Cork 24th July
Dublin 28th August
South East 28th August

All these dates now set for Summer 2016. Members receive full details by text and email. Hope to see you there.

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CHINA LID CUT off Jan 9th 2007

Helping Hands have advised us that a new referral cut-off has been posted on CCCWA website. It is great to see that referrals do continue on the LID system, albeit now officially 9 years.

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Irish Chinese Contact Group is volunteer run support group for those families who have or are in the process of adopting from China. We also provide a social network for adoptive families and celebrate Celebrate culture and traditions. ICCG focuses activity around our member children with a number of different age focused networking groups. ICCG welcome you to our website. Members should log in for full access to the website.


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